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In an effort to achieve faster time to market, increase test coverage and improve the productivity of the test team, test automation continues to be the buzzword amongst QA teams. Lack of trained test automation engineers, test maintenance efforts especially in an agile product life cycle, soaring test environment costs, complex test data, inadequate end to end test coverage are some of the core challenges, a test automation effort often stumbles upon. We, at QA InfoTech, have arrived at a balance between the test automation challenges and the ideal software test automation framework, in creating our own open source based test automation solutions. In doing so, our goal is to provide cost and mission effective test solutions using custom built automation test frameworks.

Test Automation using tools like Zephyr, Appium, etc. has been a primary focus to enhance efficiency of test teams. In order to fulfill the technical needs of application testing we at QA InfoTech use not only market leading commercial Test Automation tools like QTP, but also heavily rely on open source tools and utilities like Cucumber and Ruby. However, while open source tools and utilities like Selenium are cost-effective they lack the maturity,completeness and support system of established commercial tools. QA InfoTech herein, has a dedicated team focused on continuous research and development to develop customizable frameworks on top of open source tools for easy project application.

For instance, Zephyr as a test management tool is available as a standalone application as well as an integrated plug-in for JIRA. At QA InfoTech, we have successfully implemented Zephyr test automation across projects for several clients.

The Ruby team at QA InfoTech is proficient across all programming languages for test automation. We have various test automation frameworks in all major programming languages like Java, Groovy, Ruby, C-Sharp, JavaScript and Python. With open source tools available in the market for Ruby and test automation frameworks developed at QA InfoTech, we are able to offer E2E Ruby automated testing.

Our Appium team has experience automating mobile applications as well as web applications on mobile devices. We have various test automation frameworks that use tools like Appium and Calabash for mobile applications automation. With our frameworks we are able to offer testing on simulators, emulators and real mobile devices.

Besides our own IP built on open source technologies, we also have a wide range of expertise in automating using commercial tools from Borland, HP, IBM, SmarteSoft, Apple helping us partner with you to provide the breadth and depth in test automation.

Why QA InfoTech for your Test Automation Needs?

  • We understand and have worked on various test automation models empowering us to customize a solution to meet your needs
  • Ongoing investments in automation related R&D help us provide you cutting edge tools to improve test coverage and productivity
  • Tools and frameworks engineered to allow manual testers carry on automation result in significant cost savings

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