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Performance Testing Services

One of the toughest challenges organizations face today involves achieving and maintaining their business’s mission critical applications at peak performance and scalability levels. Without an effective methodology for predicting system behavior and performance under real life stress conditions, they are exposed to the types of catastrophic slowdowns and failures that cripple productivity, drive away customers and decimate the company’s bottom line.

Cloud18 InfoTech has a dedicated and focused group of engineers who are experts in developing performance tests for applications. These engineers not only are experienced in commercial performance testing tools like Load Runner, Silk Performer but are also proficient in testing using Jmeter and other open source test automation tools. The performance test research group at QA InfoTech has developed several plugins for Jmeter that enhances the tool’s capabilities. These plugins enable performance analysis for any web application and mitigates limitations of the open source tools. The team has a lot of experience in performance testing using Jmeter for all kinds of web applications, mobile applications, web services, APIs and internet based desktop applications.

Our Performance Testing differentiators:
  • Team of seasoned performance engineers, with the right mix of product development, testing and years of performance testing/tuning, capacity management experience
  • Cloud based test labs, for on demand scalability and flexibility. Able to simulate real world traffic from different geographies with minimal cost for and investments by clients
  • End to end performance engineering experience using all leading commercial/licensed and open source performance engineering tools
  • Internal frameworks built on open source tools like Jmeter for effective performance test result reporting and system monitoring

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