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Political Advertising in India is like the icing on the cake of political campaigning during elections! Political advertising is as much an art as it is a science. Get it right, and you'd be a winner. Get it wrong, and your political fortune could take a nosedive!

Political Advertising services by Cloud18 Infotech Pvt. Ltd, an award winning Political Advertising Agency with a strong portfolio of Political Advertising campaigns for political parties & candidates, can offer you the edge over your competitors. As one of the top political advertising agencies in India, and the best political advertising agency in Delhi, we have extensive experience as a seasoned Political Campaign Management Company and can design high impact political advertising strategy and execute a powerful political advertising campaign for any political party or candidate and push them closer to electoral victory! If you are looking for powerful political advertising strategies, Call TODAY!
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Political advertising in India includes but is not limited to election advertising. Well planned investment in political advertising can enable political parties and political candidates to influence their electorate or voters; or to comment on, or create a political debate on any issue through innovative political advertising strategies. Political advertising may also include advertising that informs or creates awareness about relevant political issues, or issues of public interest, and advertising related to create awareness about, or to promote government policies. Such advertising forms the core of a political advertising campaign strategy in India.

Our comprehensive bouquet of political advertising services includes print advertising, television advertising, radio advertising, outdoor advertising, online advertising, mobile advertising and social media advertising services. For Political advertising in India, we help our clients by formulating a comprehensive political advertising strategy in India through comprehensive media research, media selection, media buying and design and production of all advertisements and advertising material, keeping in mind their campaign objectives and advertising budget. In case you wish to run a strong political advertising campaign, Call TODAY!
+91 9795221000 (Business Enquiries)

Our job as one of the top political advertising agencies is to chalk out a well thought out political advertising strategy, back it up with a caliberated political advertising campaign and make sure that not only the key messages of our clients are visible or heard by their target audiences no matter where they are but they are also influenced to an extent so as to vote for them!

The key Political Advertising media channels that we regularly use for the Political advertising in India of our clients include TV Channels, FM Radio Channels, Newspapers, Magazines, SMS, Voice Messages, Whatsapp, search engines, news search, video search, regular online search, e-zines, online news sites, blogs, forums and communities, social networks like Facebook, Twitter, Google+, LinkedIn, YouTube etc. Brand building is one of the key areas where Political advertising in India plays a significant role, specifically for political parties and political candidates and lay the foundation for political advertising campaign strategies in India.

Political advertising in India will not be as effective without a political advertising agency like Creativizt to power your political advertising campaign. Creativizt's signature Political Advertising services were one of the several reasons that got this great advertising agency featured recently by India's leading English newspaper, Hindustan Times in a front page story (scanned copy) on our political advertising, political PR and social media marketing initiatives. Creativizt Communications, the Best Political Advertising Agency in Delhi, reinforced its position amongst Top Political Advertising Agencies in India with its successful Political Advertising campaigns, innovative Political Advertising strategies and social media advertising services.

What is political advertising?

Political advertising is advertising that attempts to influence or comment upon a matter which is currently the subject of extensive political debate.

Political advertising includes advertising or marketing communications about a political party, representative or candidate, advertising about political issues or issues of public interest, and advertising in relation to government policies (whether published/broadcast by the government or someone else). Advertising by Government, political parties, lobby groups and other interest groups may fall into this category.

Political advertising does not necessarily include all advertising by governments or organisations that are at times involved in the political process, such as lobby groups or interest groups. Such advertising may be regarded as informational or educational rather than political, as determined on a case-by-case basis and complaints about these advertisements which raise issues under section 2 of the AANA Code of Ethics may be considered by the Ad Standards Community Panel.

Political advertising includes but is not limited to election advertising. The number of complaints received about political advertising often increases during election periods.

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