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Internship Program (Summer & Winter)

We understand the great importance of corporate exposure and practical knowledge of the subject, which is why Cloud18 offers highly beneficial and career boosting internship programs. Our internship program primarily focuses on building your base of skills and tactics required in your particular niche. Cloud18 has experienced mentors who will guide you at each and every step of the program to give you a strong grip on your niche. We offer internship programs in the following fields:
1.Web Development
2.Web Designing
3.Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
The duration of these programs are 3 months and yes we do provide an internship letter post the completing your program with us.

Regular Program

Cloud18 offers an ongoing program which aims at building and boosting the knowledge and skills of the scholars who enroll with us. This special program is framed to bring out best and skilled talent in the market so that our scholars are way ahead of their competitors at college. This regular program is framed into stages, in order to facilitate easy and deep understanding of the subject. The programs we offer are:
1.Web Development
2.Web Designing
3.Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
The duration of this regular program is 6 months and yes we do provide training letter at the end of the program.


Web Designing

Imagination and creativity are the two basics required for an artistic result in web designing. If you have these two things in you and you desire to be a successful web designer; step into Cloud18 and get trained with our class- apart and flawlessly skilled Web Designers. Our mentors have both knowledge and expertise of years to project a fairly good designer in you. We will brief you about the following core areas:
Cloud18 is a name you can trust for quality output; hence one can have faith in us and our workings. We assure you that the time you will invest in us will surely be paid off.


Web Development

Web development is the call of the day as the entire world is now over the internet. If you find your interest in the field of technology and have love for coding and producing new websites; then its web development for you. Cloud18 offers great web development programs; we have passionate mentors who assist you step by step to reach the zenith. We will brief you about the core development areas in which we work:
4.Shopping Cart
Cloud18 is a place where developers ride on their coding bikes and code all the way to bring in new laurels to the web world. So, if you actually want to be a leading web developer; come and train with us.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Search Engine Optimization is the latest flow of the industry and if you have interest in SEO and want to make an excelling career in the same, then Cloud18 is here on the way. Our SEO mentors will help you with all the basics of SEO and will make you learn through all thick and thins of SEO. SEO is done via two ways, they are:
1.On- page
2.Off- page
Cloud18 is the organization where you can actually learn from scratch to core and our SEO mentors will surely help you in getting prepared for the market. So, come and learn with us and have a bright future in SEO.


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