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If you Got a message from Google about Unnatural links then Cloud18 Technologies Link Removal Plans can help

With Cloud18 Technologies Link Removal service, Cloud18 Technologies will perform analysis and auditing of current incoming link profile. A SEO expert will determine which of them may be effecting website’s positioning and rankings in a detrimental way. Cloud18 Technologies Expert will then contact websites and attempt removal of those links (spammy or paid) that may be causing penalties or effecting website marketing negatively.

Following are Detail of Cloud18 Technologies Link Removal Plans:

  • Back link profile analysis, auditing and reporting.
  • Check for over optimization of anchor text issues.
  • Beneficial to remove clean up and remove bad spammy techniques, or any black hat method of acquisition that may be negatively impacting a website.
  • A consultant will then contact website owners and seeks removal and deletion of bad links pointing to website.
  • Best effort is made to contact and seek removal of links. In some cases it may be difficult or impossible to do and we will report back which ones were not removed.
  • Reports are provided on which ones were successfully removed.
  • This clean-up should help overcome search engine over optimization penalties.
  • Once 70-80% of links are removed, A reconsideration will be filed in Google Webmaster Tools.
  • It takes 3-4 Months before a website is free from any Manual Spam Action caused by Unnatural Linking and may take up to 3 reconsideration requests.
  • This service is a monthly service and can be cancelled at anytime

Cost of this Service is $750/Mo, for 88 hrs/Mo of work.

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